Hi there! My name’s Samantha, I go by Sam, and I love junk. I recycle old, unwanted, and even sometimes vintage items into decor items, feature pieces,  or even furniture for fun. I started going to thrift shops, garage sales, and even antique stores in college, looking for the missing pieces to my grandmother’s Pyrex sets, and ended up buying many, many other things at these places. Fast forward to today, and my house is full of vintage items, family heirlooms, re-purposed items, and a never ending list of DIY projects completed, started, and on “The List” to get done.

I’ve learned all of my handy man skills from my dad, who helps me procure tools, build bigger items, and even supplies me with the many pallets I’ve used in the past few years. I moved into my own apartment shortly after finishing my B.S. in Applied Mathematics, and realized all of my furniture from college wasn’t what I wanted long term. I’ve built most of the items in the living room and dining room since I’ve moved in in October 2014, and am far from being done. My partner in every project, is Remi, short for Remington, who is my Australian Shepherd always by my side to help hold things down while I sand, saw, or paint.

I hope to inspire more people to see the beauty in “old junk”, their family heirlooms, and thrift shops for a custom and wallet-friendly look.