Bust Out The Brews!

Today I finally finished my front porch. It is SO much better than I expected of myself, for essentially a random project to be completed.

After borrowing my dad’s pickup, I was able to get some mulch to finish the flower beds, and 10x 10′ deck boards, 1 for the front of the porch, and the remaining 9 to cover the top of the pallets. I was going to wrap the one side of the porch for a more finished look, but decided against it since I am waiting for the grasses to grow tall enough to provide a barrier, and also because this porch can be more easily picked up and moved when work needs done on the windows or the foundation of the house.

Next is to paint that green plastic planter, find a mid-century modern metal side table, and to finish those Cherry stumps into two cute planters. Might use succulents for the stump planters to keep it simpler. Unfortunately the decking has to cure for 90 days before I can paint/stain it, but on the bright side that gives me enough time to choose what I’d like to do and potentially paint those front windows.


Time to enjoy a nice cold Blue Moon on the new porch!


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