Items To Projects & The Chaotic Beauty Behind The Scenes

I wanted to take the opportunity to give everyone a chance to look behind the scenes as to what typically goes on when I find items, or have projects in mind so that you can understand how it’s not 100% chaos going on!

A few years ago I started like most people by using Pinterest to save every cool idea I could ever find, and set out last year to change it from just another pin board to a lifestyle. I turned the pins into a full blown list of items I am in search of. The list goes from old wooden shutters, tractor/machine parts, barn wood, globes, etc. all the way to pieces of furniture that need a lot of TLC. This list is never ending, as I continuously add items to the list, so I keep it on my Google Drive, so that I can access it anywhere and update it at the drop of a hat.

The next major thing I have is an inventory of all of the random items I have found and stored in my house, I have industrial bins, pallets, old wood, and even random rusty tools stock piled away until I find the right piece to go with it to finish a project. Or I even let it sit until I get inspired from Instagram or Pinterest, or even just one of those light-bulb idea moments.

Right now, I’m working on a project sketchbook to combine the sticky-notes, scratch pieces of paper, and envelopes I’ve used to draw my plans on, write dimension on, and even drew out the final project on. This I am hoping, will keep me a lot more organized so that I can find everything more easily. I might even turn it into more of a scrapbook piece, and even digital, to pair CAD drawings and item images together for a full circle project page. With starting this blog, I think going fully digital might be the new end goal to keep everything straight with my items I’m ISO, my inventory, and my project ideas I want to complete and those I’m working currently.


The biggest part of my chaotic, beautiful design mess, is bringing it together, sometimes I do things on a whim – like the front porch. Sometimes it’s planned for months, like these cool end tables I am working on (2 different sets). I am going to organized and display my plans for most of my upcoming projects as they come full circle, and I’ll even include plans and the ideas behind my past projects, like my living room coffee and end tables.



How do you keep yourself organized ? The possibilities are quite endless and I’m always looking for new ideas !

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