Pallet Porch Progress

Hey guys ! Sorry I’m late posting this, I finally made a LOT of headway on the porch over the past week, between all of the rain we’ve had. I removed all of the plants from the front planter, and the wooden flower bed edge (I used it to line my vegetable garden). Because the porch was going about a foot past the existing planter, I had to remove some sod, ok – a LOT of sod. It was about a 1.5′ x 10.5′ section of sod. I ended up putting all of the sod in the giant holes in the yard that refuse to grow grass. This took me about 2 hours to complete, the grass was well established, and quite heavy to move around.


I ended up edging the area I wanted to dig up with the large shovel, and found it much easier to use the hand shovel for the garden to actually get under the roots and dig it up. This sped up the process a heck of a lot, and saved me from killing my back.

I next leveled the area as much as possible, leaving a slight slope so that the water will run off the porch and not sit in one spot on top of it, and then put down weed paper to deter grass, weeds, or random flowers from growing up into the porch. I might cover this later with pea gravel as an extra line of defense. To anchor down the liner, I used pavers from Lowes, they ran me about a dollar a piece, and were just large enough to use as levelers for the pallets. I didn’t want anything too large, in case I wanted to extend the porch or anything fancy later on.


I moved the chairs onto the “porch” area to make sure it was going to be large enough to serve its purpose. I just wanted something smaller that would hold 2 chairs, a small table, and space for my dog and I to relax on (who is staring out the window in this picture).

Once I was satisfied, I went and picked out some pallets, I ended up getting 3 pallets of 40″ x 47.5″ to give me the perfect 10′ x ~4′ sized porch when you line them up against each other. I used the empty space to the right of the last pallet for that spicket to have enough room and for there to be a hose hanger there in the near future.
After putting down the pallets, I was truly happy with the project. I even sat on it for a few hours and enjoyed my hard work. But the project isn’t over yet, I need to take this from “pallet paradise” to a more clean looking porch. I am going to be buying some standard wood decking to line the front and top of the porch with. Then it has to cure for about 90 days before I can paint/stain it give it the official finished look.



My next project was inspired by a tree that was being cut down at my parent’s house, and might involve some family photos, and end tables. Stay tuned to find out !

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