Curb Alert to Treasure & Porch Update

Hey guys & gals ! Last night I finished redoing that retro flower printed chair for my friend, and I made her 8 small square pillows for her dining room.

I first removed the legs, and then about 4,000 staples that was holding the retro fabric in place. Surprisingly, the padding and elastic springs were in great shape, so there was no need to replace those. As per request, I did add some poly fiber to square out the top of the chair, to give it a more modern look, rather than continue with more curves. The legs are ordered and will be added once this beauty is dropped off! The fabric came from Jo-Ann Fabrics that she bought. The final product is such a comfy, sleek design. She also had asked for some pillows for her dining room.

I can only find the Nate Berkus fabric on Jo-Ann’s website, both are upholstery fabric that we found locally. With 1.5 yards of each type of fabric in hand, I divided it up into 8 equal parts to make 8 identical square pillows. One pattern is on one side, and the other is the second pattern, adding versatility to her decor.

I get to drop all of these great items Friday and will post pics of how they all look in her home!


On my home-front, I was able to get all of the hostas and lilies moved out from the front window to prep for the new porch that is going in this week made from pallets that are larger than the standard size, coming in at 43″ x 47″, fitting just perfectly in my 10.5′ space. I tore up the old log that was there for the planter and found some AMAZING chairs from Craigtslist !



I picked up these 1960s Homecrest patio chairs for a steal of $70 ! EBay values them anywhere form $100 – $200 EACH. I quickly picked up some retro styled fabric to make a couple of lumbar pillows for these chairs to add a pop of color. In all of the pillows in this post, I used a poly-fiber filling, helping to decide the density of each pillow (softer or harder).



The filling is great, about 3 pounds, or one and a half of the above sized bags, filled the 8 smaller pillows for the dining room and her chair. About 16 ounces, or half a bag, was used to create 2 lumbar pillows and 1 large square pillow that can be used as a seat, or a larger back support pillow.


Have any questions?! Reach out and ask, or leave a comment and I’ll answer your questions!

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