Projects, projects, and more projects !

So this weekend, a friend of mine decided she would like me to reupholster a chair she found as a curb alert! It’s light weight and has a retro brown/red/mustard yellow flower themed fabric. Full details on that is to come !

As for my gardening, I was able to move some plants around, and put in some grasses, columbine, and a super soft crawler type of plant. It’s starting to fill in nicely, but all of the flowering plants don’t come in for another week or so, so stay tuned for more updates to the front curb.

I also need to buy about 12 bags of black mulch to finish off the look around the grasses and flowers in the front to really seal the deal. I prefer to shop local, such as Kubrick Bros., because they actually know their plants, what is coming in, and what will work best in your yard if you describe it well to them. Sometimes going to a chain retailer you don’t get the best quality plants, and shopping local helps families in your own area earn a respectable income.


I also was able to make a trip out to Dollar Tree, and I found some plain frames and bought 7 of them. I decided that I would like to fill in the empty space above my cabinets in the kitchen. I was able to get my grandmother’s box of hand written recipes to use. Since my kitchen has accents of red, I decided to take apart the frames and spray paint them red with Rustoleum’s Red Gloss Enamel. While those dried I used Krylon’s UV-Resistant Clear  Acrylic Coating, this is to help keep the writing from fading.

Now that everything was well dried, and no longer tacky, next came the final assembly ! The frames came with that black and white “matting”, and I decided to toss it out as it took away from the recipe cards.

Once they were all assembled it was time to hang them! If you don’t have the space above your cabinets, you could always find a wall space that is hard to find something to go there, or a tall space next to the fridge, entryway, or even between your counter and upper cabinets if you don’t have a black splash !



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