Weekend Warrior – Happy Earth Day !

Happy Earth Day everyone! Whether you are #MarchingForScience or planting a tree, any way of celebrating is a great way ! This weekend I have decided to do a total makeover of the front yard. Last week, thanks to my parents, I ripped out two HUGE bushes, and those two alone took up the whole bed of the pickup truck. So now I am starting from basically square one.

So this is what I’m left with. A hot, dirty, mulch-less flower bed. In this area I am going to start with adding some oriental grasses, and some new flowers, nothing too large that you won’t be able to park 2 or 3 vehicles next to without scratching the paint, like before. Something easy to maintain as well.

I’m heading out for some lunch at Somma Pizza first, and on the way home stopping at Kubrick Bros. Garden Center ( for some new greenery, maybe even something for in front of the house as well. This is the main goal for this weekend, although I have another project in mind to start as well, since it will take me a few steps to complete.

A new front porch. No I don’t really have a porch, aside from a 3′ x 3′ cement pad in front of the door. I have a beautiful front wall of windows int he living room, which has a simple flower bed outside of it. It’s about 10′ 6″ wide, and I’m thinking of creating a pallet porch on some cement pavers with fresh decking on top for the porch. I’m looking at about 5′ or 6′ deep, just large enough for a small table and chairs for me to read in when the weather is nice, and a space for the pup to enjoy with me, since he doesn’t like being outside alone, win-win.


So here is the space I’m working with for the porch-to-be, I’m going to move the hostas out back, since they don’t really thrive well up front here with as much sun as they get. I’m hoping to at least get the pavers, pebble, and move the grass to start this project off. I know that I have to acquire at least 4 more pallets to get this really going, but that shouldn’t be a huge problem, since my wonderful father can easily bring them over to me.

After everything is acquired, it should be a simple 4 step process:
1. Relocate the grass to the dead spots in the yard

2. Lay down the pavers and the pebble stone where said porch is going so there won’t be any weeds growing through (hopefully)

3. Put down the pallets and make sure they are level

4. Lay down the decking on top, secure it, and stain/paint it desired color


Stay tuned for the final, or check-in, on these two projects !

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