From Garage To Reading Nook

A couple of weeks ago I found this amazing rocking chair in New Kensington that was sanded down, and waiting to find it’s life again in this garage that a local couple works out of. I picked it up at the first chance I had and had to go through the cans of stain that I had. Because the seller already sanded the chair, the majority of the work was already completed for me, so I washed the chair to rid it of any dust or debris that would stick in the stain. I ended up going with the MinWax wood finish in an espresso to match what stain was left and restore it to it’s original glory.

I soon started to see the glory this rocker had, there were original gold paint touches coming through with each layer of stain. Although the chair was sanded, it has more of a “worn” look to it now, as half of the gold accents are still visible.

This rocker, came a long way from start to finish, and found its home with the Bemis grain-sack pillow I made, along with my grandfather’s sales trunk for Kensington Ware from my garage.



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